• the secret to being more creative

    the secret to being more creative - UNLEASH CREATIVE

    When we’re kids, we’re carefree, we don’t sweat the big stuff, we break into sporadic dance in crowded areas, we colour outside the lines, we dream and make believe. But somehow, somewhere along the way, when we become adults we sadly lose the ability to do all of those things. As though a tiny part of our brain says “hey-ho down there, it’s no longer cool to be uninhibited”.

    Life becomes serious, the world becomes muted, our creativity becomes stifled and we hold too many reservations within. We follow¬†preconceived notions about how we should act, how we should think and the basics of right and wrong turn into a series of what-not-to-do’s and how to do things the “right” way.

    But all of these things are the opposite of what you should be doing if you want to be more creative. Maybe that’s just the issue when you hit a roadblock or lose your creative mojo. You’ve grown up. Too much. You’ve lost your inner child. The one whom quite comfortably would scribble and scrawl with tongue stuck to side of mouth without a care in the world.

    Our lives and creativity can flourish if we just stop to smell the roses, feel the grass beneath our bare feet, look up at the trees and clouds (instead of down onto our devices like modern-day-zombies), pull aside the umbrella and open our mouths in the rain. Throw some public dancing in there too if you fancy it.

    The key to leading a more creative life is to be more open, leave our judgemental inner voices outside and occasionally be a little silly and indulge in the things that kids do like dress-ups, rolling around in ball pits, eating ice-cream until our tummies ache and wearing flowers in our hair. All of these little things might not sound life changing but I promise you they will broaden your mind and help you to see the world through child-like, carefree eyes.

    I dare you to try it. And just observe how it changes everything.

    photo credit: Peppermint Photography

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