• Floral pajaki decorative chandelier


    This one of a kind floral chandelier features a wreath of artificial flowers in a variety of colours suspended below a net of leaves. Under the wreath of flowers are decorative strands of delicately coloured peach and soft pink tissue paper circles and lemon-yellow straws, finished off with a single lavender coloured flower.

    It’s the perfect addition to dress up a plain room, add a unique decorative item to any space or to use for special events.

    Traditional pajaki (pronounced pah-yon-kee) were made by Polish highlanders in the lead-up to great festive holidays such as Easter and Christmas. They were made using left-over tinsel and repurposed wrapping paper and lolly wrappers. They were made to add colour and festiveness to the homes of those who couldn’t afford extravagant decorations.

    This is my own, modern, floral version of pajaki.

    It measures 85cm from very top to the bottom flower and 50cm across. Due to its components, it is lightweight and easy to suspend off an invisible 3M wall hook.



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