• Fiesta party Polish paper chandelier (pajak/pajaki)

    il_fullxfull.1125815019_eimu.jpgThis is the ultimate decor to add a burst of colour, movement and interest to any room.

    Designed to be suspended undercover, this Polish paper chandelier will actually make you smile every time you see it. Your friends will comment on it. It will provide you endless joy and happiness. It’s a fact. I have them all over my house and they always make me smile.

    Hang over a child’s bed for the sweetest magical dreams or in the centre of any room for the ultimate wow factor.

    Use with a 3M hook suspended from the ceiling, as I do in my own home and watch it sway majestically in the slightest breeze.

    Measures approximately 50cm in diameter and 80cm from top to bottom.

    Constructed using tissue paper, straws and string.


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