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    Capturing hearts of snail-mail enthusiasts all over the world, Rin, who goes by the name ‘Papered Thoughts’ on social media has quickly gained supporters through her passion of mail art. Her imaginative hand-cut and assembled stationery is colourful, breathtaking and an absolute delight and something many people no doubt would like to open their letterbox to. Rin is an advocate sending hand-written letters, spreading happiness across seas and sharing creative parcels of warm hugs and comforting words just when you need them most. We cannot wait to share a little of Rin’s contagious love with you in Sydney on May 4th.

    Check out our chat with Rin below and you can also stalk her on instagram and her blog ‘Papered Thoughts’.

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    How long have you been making things?
    My Mum is Brilliant and had us surrounded by paint, crayons, markers and glue from the time we could sit up! I’ve always had a passion for creativity & stretching my imagination but I discovered “Mail Art” & Handmade Stationery about 7 years ago.


    How/where did you get started?
    My Grandparents live in New Zealand so I’ve been writing letters back and forth with them since I was little. I’ve always loved snail mail & think there is something truly magical about the thought of paper & pretty words travelling all across the oceans, just to reach you! the last few years I’ve become more creative with my mail – using different mediums, sizes and trying to hand make as much as I can.


    Tell us a little about what you make and your style?
    I make love letters. I make little bits of sunshine that hopefully brighten an unsuspecting strangers day. I make colourful explosions of kind words and prettiness. I am drawn to bright patterns, neon colours, bold geometric shapes and simplicity. But feel just at home amid a collection of ephemera, vintage papers and pretty lace.
     rin dawson papered thoughts sydney unleash creative envelope and scissors
    Did you study to do what you do or are you self-taught?
    I learnt a lot from my Mum, She’s always encouraged us to be creative and use our imagination. But I am mostly self taught.

    Where do you find your inspiration?
    Instagram has to be the biggest one for me at the moment, An incredible place to connect with fellow creatives & meet some brilliant new friends. Pinterest is addictive & there are some beautiful blogs out there. But sometimes you just need to spread all your pretty supplies out in front of you & relish in the creative chaos.


    Why is it important for you to create things?
    I really just enjoy making people happy. I’ve found that a kind word, a short letter or an envelope full of love can brighten even the worst day. It’s good for the soul – spreading love and colour and happy thoughts, It makes my heart full.
     rin dawson papered thoughts sydney unleash creative christmas progress envelope
    What’s your favourite medium to work with?
    Paper. Oh my gosh Paper. There’s nothing as versatile, nothing as infinite, nothing as beautiful as paper.


    Tell us a little about what you have planned for your Unleash Creative workshop
    Expect to flex your creative mind, create some absolutely adorable stationery and get totally and completely sucked into the love letter revolution and connect with some other radtastic creatives!
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