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    A talented graphic designer and illustrator with a strong passion for woodland animals, Kirbee’s whimsical creations regularly feature her favourite animal – bunnies! If you follow Kirbee on Instagram, you’d be aware that she has been partaking in ‘one sketch a day’, filling her journal with gorgeous pencil sketches of cute little critters inspired by storybook characters, vintage finds and beautiful magazines.  We’re thrilled to have Kirbee share some of her gorgeous talent with you in May!
    Read our interview with Kirbee below and you can also find Kirbee here:
    etsy store
    How long have you been making things? 
    As cliché as it sounds I have been making things for as long as I remember! I always wanted to take pencils and paper where I went and my grandpa used to call me the ‘sticky tape queen’ for my excessive use of sticky tape on everything! To the point where Nan and Grandpa had to hide the sticky tape from me so stop it getting out of control!
    I have been creating my illustrations for a few years now, my etsy store has been open since 2009, which is when I really started sharing my illustrations around. Before then I only really created things for myself!
    How/where did you get started?
    While studying graphic design I took every opportunity to illustrate my projects, it was while I was at TAFE that I started entering art competitions online, and submitting to group shows and just getting my work out there! While I was at TAFE my work was accepted into CURVY, a book that features established and up and coming illustrators, which was what gave me the kick start I needed to believe in what I was creating, that other people liked it too!
    Tell us a little about what you make and your style?
    I mostly draw bunnies and the odd deer and woodland animals too, but I also love craft and DIY projects. I would call my style quite kitsch and whimsical! I just really love making things and usually have a few projects on the go at once!
    Did you study to do what you do or are you self-taught?
    I am a trained Graphic Designer, which I think has given me a good eye for the details in things! I think I have the best of both worlds where I can be a graphic designer and create things for other people and also be able to illustrate the things that I love. It really creates a nice balance of doing things for others and for yourself!
    Where do you find your inspiration?
    I find my inspiration all around me! From an old kitschy figurine in an op shop to a gorgeous magazine filled with beautiful photos.
    I love finding inspiration in obscure places, because that is where the great ideas come from! From a face that my bunny, Beatrix, pulls at me inspiring a new illustration, to a craving for a made up gelato flavour, I am always imagining different things. I guess I am a bit of a day dreamer!
    Why is it important for you to create things?
    I think that creating things is a way for us to leave our mark on this world! It is fun and a great way to fill in spare time and surely brings a smile to your face!
    What’s your favourite medium to work with?
    I really do love a super sharp black pencil and a nice piece of smooth paper! It is nice and simple and is really a blank canvas to create anything with! I also really love playing around with other mediums like watercolour and gouache, but I always come back to pencil.
    Tell us a little about what you have planned for your Unleash Creative workshop
    I am really quite excited for my workshop! It is going to be full of cute woodland critters! Think flowers and deer and bunnies!
    I have a love for paper cutting and paper dolls and old fashioned silhouettes, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make something I have had floating around in my head for a while.
    We are going to make super cute bunny and deer head paper silhouettes, that you can draw on, colour in, decorate and pose as you wish! I think everyone’s creation will be slightly different and I really can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! Because you can never have too many bunnies!

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