• meet the brisbane creative mentor: Maryann Talia Pau

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    A well-known creative face in the Melbourne craft scene, Maryann has made a mark with her beautiful woven wearable range and her ‘1 million stars to end violence‘ project which saw a culmination of thousands of woven stars being hung at Melbourne’s the Big Design Market in 2013. Originating from Samoa and recently relocating to Brisbane, Maryann’s sure to infect you with her weaving bug!

    Find Maryann via her website Instagram twitter and Facebook.

    How long have you been making and how did you start out?
    Ever since I was a kid.
    Did you study or are you self taught?
    I am mainly self taught with a few things learnt from aunties and awesome people along the way.

    Tell us a little about what you make and your style

    I like to call my work ‘Pasifika bling.’ I mainly make large breastplates and body adornment type stuff for exhibition and a fashion show collaborations every now and then. I always try to wear something that’s handmade, usually my jewellery but every now and then it’s a Mexican dress or Mumu! I just love them!
    I like to wear stuff that people have made or I make ‘smaller’ pieces too that speaks a little of where I come from, my cultural and family memories and what-not.

    Where do you find your inspiration?

    Plain ole goodness and a good lotta love! It’s everywhere – in people, children, the earth, the ocean….It’s what keeps me going.
    Why is it important for you to create?
    I think making is a natural and necessary thing for me. I believe it’s what human beings are meant to do. Learn, make, share, give away, learn again…
    What’s your favourite medium to work with?
    hmmm, pandanus (thought I’m still learning about it), flax and satin ribbon.
    Tell us a little about what we can expect from your workshop
    Lots of fun, coloured ribbon and a good work out for those weaving hands! We are going to create a little bit of Pasifika magic in the Botanic Gardens. WOOP!!

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