• meet the brisbane creative mentor: Kara of Lulu Lucky

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    A lady of many crafty talents, Kara’s ‘pajaki’ (Polish paper chandeliers) have caught the attention of many for their festive, colourful, papery gloriousness. Kara has a clean and polished style in all which she creates. Floristry, calligraphy, visual merchandising, paper crafts and screen-printing are just some of her many creative talents and we can’t wait to share a little of Lulu Lucky’s awesomeness with you.

    You can find Kara through her website and instagram
    How long have you been making things?
    Since I was a little girl, I used to have a pad and pen with me always to draw outfits for my dolls to wear. The mediums changed over the years but I have always been a maker.
    How/where did you get started?
    After leaving high school I studied horticulture and then became a florist which I did for quite a number of years and then moved into styling events. After having my first child I worked in retail and visual merchandising. I then had my second child who literally just slept all day long and I found myself bored with a fair bit of time on my hands. I started making paper products like string and tie envelopes and paper rosettes, I was fortunate enough to then have my work featured on The Design Fileswhich was then the catalyst of everything else! (Thanks Lucy x)
    Tell us a little about what you make and your style?
    I don’t restrict myself to one medium, some days are filled with making paper creations others illustrating or printing. I like to think that I will give anything a go. My style is constantly evolving but there is usually always an element of fun!
    Did you study to do what you do or are you self-taught?
    No I haven’t study to do what I am currently doing, I am self taught.
    Why is it important for you to create things?
    I get so much joy out of making, for me it is relaxing. I am not very good at not doing anything so it is a wonderful thing to be able to do what I do.
    What’s your favourite medium to work with?
    Currently I am obsessed with marbling anything and everything
    Where do you find your inspiration? 
    Everywhere! Always being around other creatives helps as well.

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