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    I created a fun kaleidoscopic wall hanging for Popsugar recently and thought I’d share it here too now that it’s gone live! It can live on a wall, above your bed, suspended from a window or make a stack and create an impressive gem mobile.


    • assorted coloured paper
    • paper scraps from old magazines, newspapers or books
    • glitter cardstock
    • glue stick
    • black card stock
    • pattern
    • scalpel knife or scissors
    • 1/16 circle hole punch or thick sewing needle
    • fishing line
    • grey-lead pencil

    How to
    unleash creative kaleidoscope gem wall hanging instruction imagesPrint the pattern onto white card stock or a thicker paper. You can use regular printer paper if you don’t have anything thicker, however you will be using each shape as a template to trace around and printer paper is a little flimsy and unreliable for this purpose.

    Cut out the four pattern pieces using a craft knife or if you don’t have one you can use a pair of scissors. If you’re using scissors, you will want to gently bend (almost fold) the paper to cut out the smaller windows of each of the gems. These will now act as your templates.

    Using the templates, trace around each shape onto the black card stock using a grey-lead pencil.

    Cut out the four gem pieces along the pencil lines replicating the same method as you did for the template pieces.

    To create the different coloured “windows” of for each gap, simply turn each black gem piece over and trace the selected window shape onto the back of the coloured or patterned paper.

    Cut each piece out with an additional 0.5 cm border around the outside so that you can attach it to the gem piece. Once you have all of your assorted coloured and patterned paper windows cut, you can flip your gem piece over to the “wrong” side, apply glue and start attaching each the coloured paper pieces.

    Repeat this process for all four gem shapes filling the windows with a variety of coloured papers and images to create a contrasting look.

    To finish the back side of each gem piece you have two options.

    1. If you would like to suspend your wall hanging from the ceiling, the gem pieces of your wall hanging will need to be double-sided.  In order to make this happen, just repeat all of these steps to create another set of gems which you will then glue (wrong sides together) to each matching piece.
    2. If you are happy with your wall hanging remaining single-sided, to cover up the ugly collage of papers, trace around the outside of each gem onto a new piece of black card stock, cut out and glue your backing plate onto the reverse of each gem.

    Using your tiny hole punch or alternatively a thick sewing needle, punch holes where marked on each of the shapes. Feed 20-30cm lengths of fishing line through each of the holes in the main diamond piece. Secure each line in place with a knot. Attach each of the three smaller gem pieces to the three loose ends of fishing line at the bottom of the diamond and secure each with a knot. With the fourth piece of fishing line attached to the top of the diamond, tie a small loop at the end so you can hang it off a hook.

    Choose one side of your card stock to be your “wrong” side. Mark it with a pencil. The wrong side should be facing up each time you’re tracing a window shape onto the reverse side of your selected paper.

    When working with glitter card stock or paper, you might find that your right side (the sparkly side) might not want to attach to the frame of your gem if you don’t use enough glue. If this poses an issue, just use some sticky tape to hold it in place on the reverse.

    If you’re using a sewing needle instead of a hole punch, you can feed your fishing line through the needle to make it easier to get the line through the hole of the gem. I call that a hole in one.

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  1. Hannah says:

    So fun–I love how colorful it is! Thanks for sharing!

    xx Hannah // TheCheaipshly.com