• Etsy craft party + himmeli tutorial

    Himmeli hero shot tutorial unleash creative
    By now, I’m guessing that you have heard about Etsy Craft Party which has been running as an annual global initiative to bring creative folks together on one day – all for the sake of craft + connecting + inspiring + learning + sharing.

    This year is no different and for me, personally, it will be the fourth year that I’m involved in a Craft Party (my first time being in 2010).

    Some years the fine folks at Etsy set a theme to help guide event organisers, however this year there isn’t one. So I thought I’d help you guys out with a fun DIY in case you’re organising your own event or can’t make it along to your local event and don’t wanna miss out on some crafty action.

    I’ve put together a video tutorial for making 3 different types of himmeli – which are geometric shapes made using straws and string and strung up as decorations. Himmeli originated as Finnish Christmas ornaments, but have in recent years gained wider interest due to their beautiful, simple and flexible forms.

    This year on Saturday 18 June I will be running free himmeli making workshops at my local event in Brisbane, Australia but of course you can make your own at home by watching the tutorial!

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  1. Sartenada says:

    I am glad that You present one of our traditions there in Australia. Thank You. In my family Himmeli is hanging round the year.

    My wife loves beads and this is how she made Himmeli.

    Himmeli how to make it.

    Have a wonderful day!