• DIY: pen holder

    Whether you’re on the new-years-resolution mission or preparing for back to school (in Australia and New Zealand), January is typically a month of getting organised. So over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be bringing you a series of organisational DIY’s which are bound to bring a splash of creativity + colour to any space.

    Today I’m focussing on rounding up all those stray pens, pencils, paint brushes and markers that seem to be found everywhere except where you most need them. This desk caddy / pen holder / pencil organiser / whatever you like to call it, will make your writing implements look good.

    One not enough? Make a few. Create different patterns for each one. Cluster them. And now you have yourself a desk organisation system. Whammo. You’ve got no excuses now.

    turn used cocoa tin into colourful pen organiser caddy holderUsing tins which you can find in your kitchen pantry along with some Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape I’ve created a simple and speedy project you can whip up in under an hour (for those time or attention-span-challenged) – perfect for a rainy day project too.

    How to:

    Remove the paper wrapper from your chosen tin. The best tins to use are ones which have removable tin lids such as for coffee or cocoa. If there is glue residue on the tin, remove it using some oil and a rubbing cloth. Clean the inside of your tin so that it’s free from any food residue.

    Starting at the top of the tin, just below the lip, apply your chosen tape. Go slow. It’s not a race. You want to keep it as straight and in line with the lip as possible. When you get all the way around to where you started, neatly trim off the tape with a scalpel knife or scissors.

    Keep applying the same or different patterned tapes in rows using the bottom of the last line of tape as a guide for the top of your next row of tape. If you find your tape lines are starting to look a little crooked, the beauty of this washi tape is that it’s easily removed and repositioned in the correct position.

    In my design I used the following (from top to bottom):
    2 rows of hot pink
    1 row of blue geometric design
    4 rows of pastel blue
    1 row of hot pink

    unleash creative desk caddy pen tin organiser pencils stationeryI also added some triangles which were cut from the tape to add some interesting elements to the overall design. But, of course, you can come up with your own design. This is just a basic one which you can choose to use. Or not.

    Side note: if you look closely, you can see some dark patches under the pastel blue section of the open holder. This was due to some rust which had formed on the tin as I had it laying around for a while after I’d taken the label off.

    For more inspiration on how to Get Creative with Scotch® Expressions Tape visit their Facebook page.

    This post is proudly sponsored by Scotch®. We were supplied with Scotch® products and asked to come up with creative ways to use it. Please note that we only ever choose to work with products and brands which we feel are relevant to our creative community. If we wouldn’t legitimately use it, we won’t push it to you.

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