• DIY: donut parcel mailer

    doughnut/donut mailerReceiving cute stuff in the mailbox is such a sweet treat. Decorating a parcel or envelope can truly brighten your recipients day. And I am yet to find a person who doesn’t like a donut (or doughnut depending on where you’re located in the world).

    So I’ve combined mail and donuts to create a mailable donut mini-mailer which you can fill with a letter written on circular pages or tiny treats to send to someone who needs a little cheering up. Scroll down to watch the snappy video tutorial!

    Snail mail or mail art is totally a thing that people are embracing these days and if you need proof you only need to immerse yourself in the pages of Michelle MacKintosh’s books Snail Mail and Care Packages. Both books are dedicated to sharing the intricacies of decorating mail, writing etiquette, occasions to write/post, DIYs and the history of sending mail. They are firm favourites in my personal craft library, and you should make them part of yours too.

    I’ve enjoyed having pen pals over the years. But I’m constantly trying to out-do myself in the creativity department. When I pulled out The Laughing Cow cheese container the other day and went to throw it out once that last segment of cheese was consumed, I had a brainwave. Why not turn the container into a delectable donut?

    DIY Donut Mailer Unleash Creative 1


    DIY Donut Mailer Unleash Creative 3

    DIY Donut Mailer Unleash Creative 4Of course you could use this concept and tutorial to come up with different foods to adorn the front of your mailer such as a watermelon, any kind of citrus fruits, an apple cut in half, or just about anything that’s round and circular.

    And obviously you don’t have to be restricted by the round packaging either. I just thought it would be fun to break out of the standard rectangular or square mail formats and create a rounded mailer! Plus the pull-apart lid and base of this particular brand of cheese packaging were screaming to be upcycled.

    Don’t forget to pin this bad boy to your snail mail pinterest board!

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