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    Week after week, our recycling bin at home is full well before rubbish collection day. I’m always looking for ways to up-cycle and recycle our consumables into something useful, without looking like it’s literally a pile of garbage hot-glued together with a dash of glitter.

    I’m also desperately trying to be more organised in my work space. A home for everything, rather than leaning piles of stuff threatening to topple at the slightest sign of a breeze. Because as a crafter, I (and you) are what is known as the keepers of organised chaos. Slightly bordering on hoarders – of the crafty kind.

    So today I have a really simple project for you which utilises empty cereal boxes to create a pretty great desk organiser for your stationery + can’t-part-with-papers.

    Tools + Materials
    3 x Empty cereal boxes (same width)
    Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape
    Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape
    Scotch® Double-sided Tape
    Scotch® Utility Knife

    DIY desk organiser step by step

    How to
    Gently open up each of the cereal boxes at the seams, revealing their clean insides. Now reattach the side and bottom seams using double-sided tape, so that the plain side is on the outside and the branding is on the inside.

    To stagger the heights of each box, simply work out how tall you want each one, mark it on the front-facing side of each box and then draw a precise line to use as a cut line. I used a craft cutting knife to carefully cut along my lines, however you could use scissors too. I also angled the cut lines on the sides so that they were lower at the front compared to the back. This just gives it a cleaner and more professional finish.

    Cover each cereal box with washi and or masking tape. You can get all fancy and create patterns of you want, but the Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape already comes in a range of colours and patterns, so I wanted to keep it simple.

    Once you’ve covered the outside of each cereal box with tape, attach double-sided tape to the back of the smallest and middle cereal boxes and attach them together pressing firmly along the insides of the cereal boxes to create a secure bond.

    TIP: you don’t need to attach washi tape to the sections of the cereal box which will be attached to another cereal box. You’ll just be wasting tape.

    DIY scotch expressions desk organiser

    For more inspiration on how to Get Creative with Scotch® Expressions Tape visit their Facebook page.

    This post is proudly sponsored by Scotch®. We were supplied with Scotch® products and asked to come up with creative ways to use it. Please note that we only ever choose to work with products and brands which we feel are relevant to our creative community. If we wouldn’t legitimately use it, we won’t push it to you.

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