• creative spotlight: craft for the soul [book] by pip lincolne

    book review meet me at mikes Sitting on a recent flight, I nestled into my seat, pulled out my reading material (I like to have a new magazine or a book to read on flights) and waited impatiently for the flight to take off. The safety announcements, the delays, the overwhelming feeling of stuffiness. All an uncomfortable part of air travel.

    The flight took off and I cracked open the pages of Craft for the Soul of which the cover had been teasing me for the past two to three weeks. Not sure how long actually. I have a really poor recollection of time passed.

    As I started to read the first few chapters I realised how much the author Pip Lincolne‘s words rang true in my compressed head (you know that strange, 10’s of thousands of metres up in the air feeling that your head gets).

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    When my head popped up to reset my wordy-eyes I looked out the window and noticed how incredible everything looks from up so high. How lucky are we to be able to experience seeing the world from such great heights? It’s like the world below is our toy box. I also noticed the man sitting two seats away from me. He too was reading. Not Craft for the Soul though. He was underlining paragraphs. I’m always scared to do that in my books. As though I will tarnish their pages with my scribbles and scrawls. I like to keep my books pristine, non-dog-eared and almost untouched. Must be a Virgo trait.

    Back to the man two seats away. He pulled out a notebook and started jotting down what looked like mathematical equations. Line after line of numbers & symbols. I had the urge to ask him what he was writing. Was it a formula. Maybe a cure? Maybe he was scheming to produce the worlds first time machine. I didn’t ask. Instead I looked back out my window and pondered the incredible horizon of now white, seemingly never-ending white fluff. The toy box of cars and buildings had disappeared.

    “Fear of change can rob us of amazing experiences and people or skills we might REALLY need in our lives”

    Thoughts started to fill my head. I wondered why I didn’t pack a notebook in my bag. I wanted to scribble down some thoughts. Oh wait. I brought my iPad. It’s not my first choice when writing, however if I didn’t record what I was thinking, I knew it would be gone. Only fragments would remain rattling around in my head. I must really work on my memory skills. Seems I I have a deteriorating memory of late. I am sure that is a terrible thing and I should be highly concerned.
    pip lincolne meet me at mikes craft for the soul book creative spotlight unleash creative
    Sometimes I’m daunted by the fact that my brain spits out thoughts, sentences and ideas quicker than my bony little digits can record it. Why hasn’t someone invented a contraption for that yet? It could be called the ‘thought-catcher’ or ‘blog post interpreter’ or ‘teleconnetic idea decipherer’. Yep totally catchy names. I would buy one. Let it read my thoughts. Transcribe all of it into legible and grammatical word magic without having to touch a keyboard.

    Damn. I’m waffling. Mmm, waffles. Sorry. Back to the subject of Craft for the Soul.

    Throughout the book Pip references gems or clues that are all around us. The kinds of links that lead us on a bread crumb journey of discovery or almost familiarity. If you pay attention, it’s almost as though Pip is feeding you little treasures along the way, small references which prompt you to look up and research a little more. In effect she’s sending you on your own little adventure to hunt for your own clues. I’m not entirely sure if this is intentional, maybe it’s my brain deciphering the book in its own quirky little way. I too look for gems in the everyday otherwise ordinary nothings.

    “The more we learn to make time for inspiration, the more great stuff we notice and experience”

    Earlier in the week, Pip visited Brisbane to chat about her book with many eager creative types. I went along to listen to her speak. It’s actually a reoccurring topic or theme that Pip talks about in her book. Getting out, hanging with like-minded people, scheduling time for yourself, doing new stuff, getting social, stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking time to do something you enjoy. These warm-fuzzies are all referenced throughout various chapters in the book.

    When asked by Kirsten Devitt of Each to Own, our sparkly and humorous host for the morning, Pip summed up her book by saying it’s “a best friend in a book”. It’s a book which focuses on celebrating all the little positive, good-stuff moments rather than the gossipy, bad-vibe stuff. Don’t you think your life deserves a little less “reality TV” moments and a little more “documentary” keeping it real style?

    pip lincolne craft for the soul unleash creative
    Interesting little things about the book:
    • The columns vary in width on different pages. I like this.
    • Each chapter ends with a recipe. Plenty of lovely comfort foods. No paleo or sugar-free jargon. Just wholesome tasty food.
    • There are thought-provoking quotes scattered throughput to book
    • Quirky illustrations and sketches by Kat Macleod and Ortolan break up all the wordiness
    • There are some helpful and totally achievable strategies for living a simpler, happier life. We all want that right?
    • There are some great lists scattered throughout the book such as inspiring people, things to do if you need to spark ideas and daily, weekly or year-long projects.

    “Creative nerves can fox us into believing our creativity is a bargain-box variety, or derivative or unremarkable. Before we know it, we’re sort of paralysed, unable to get on with it, doubting ourselves and terrified of making/creating the thing we want to make/create because we don’t know how it will all turn out.”

    And no Pip Lincolne book is complete without at least a handful of crafty projects. I bet you were totally starting to wonder if you were going to get any of that goodness in this book. It’s the last chapter. And in true Pip fashion the craft projects are fun, colourful and a perfect accompaniment to a book about how to get the most of of your creative life. Well done Pip.

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