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    Creative Spotlight - Lisa Schiffermuller Ivy Invites Unleash Creative

    Queensland based Lisa Schiffermuller works as an interior designer by day, but by night she runs her incredibly creative stationery business Ivy Invites. With a new born in tote, we recently chatted to Lisa about her work, where she finds inspiration and what being creative means to her.

    Can you tell us a little about you and your work?

    From a very young age I always creative. When I think back to school holidays I was either painting, quilling, cross stiching, knitting… you name it I would give it a go. So it was only natural I went into a creative industry for my career. My design/ creative journey began when I studied a Bachelor of Built Environment majoring in Interior Design at QUT for 4 years. Now, I am an Associate Interior Designer at Ellivo Architects and have been there for over 7 years. I run ivy invite on the side… it sounds like a lot but I really do love what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything.
    How did you get started?

    ivy invite was officially established in July 2012. I had been making invitations for family and friends for a couple of years before deciding to make a little business out of it. Since then it has taken off – mostly thanks to the exposure and connections I have made through social media. It is such a powerful tool! 3 years later I now have my sister working for ivy invite to help get through invitation orders and we also sell prints, stamps and plywood wall hangings. I can’t wait to see where I can take it next and what the future holds for ivy invite.
    What has been your proudest creative accomplishment?

    I guess there isn’t just one moment that makes me proud of my creative journey. Seeing the progression of where I started and what I have accomplished so far makes me proud. Collaborating with others in the industry on magazine shoots is always an amazing thing to be a part of! Knowing you have creative freedom and then seeing everything come together and then published in a magazine… feels amazing!

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    What does creativity mean to you?

    It’s the freedom you can have as there are no rules when it comes to creating something. The trust my clients put in me to create something is always an amazing thing. There is a lot of self-doubt being in the creative industry. Not knowing if what you are doing is right. It can feel like a bit of a risk going off on a design tangent and not knowing if my clients will love it… but when they write back to my email saying “it’s perfect” well… that’s a pretty good feeling!
    Is there a creative skill you would personally like to master?

    Most of what I do these days is computer based so I would love to spend more time hand lettering, painting and taking photos. A lot of the prints in my range are based on photos I have taken of everyday items or from my travels around the world. And there are always improvements to be made with hand lettering and hand drawing… it’s just finding the time in between projects to dedicate to these things!


    Tea or coffee?

    Both!! Can I say both?? Although if I had to choose it would be coffee – it’s part of my ritual to start the day with a coffee. In between my morning and afternoon coffee I drink a lot of herbal teas.
    Who is your biggest creative crush?

    Oh man….there are so many amazing creatives I crush on!! Whether it’s people I have met or made a connection with via social media and the different types of goodies they create! When it comes to styling and creative spaces you can’t really beat the beautiful people from The Style Co., Hope & Lace or PeppaHart. I could go through all the creatives I love following but worry I will forget someone! Anyway here goes….With Love Stationery, Daydream Prints, Colour & Skulls and The Story of Us… just to name a few!

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    Where do you turn for inspiration?

    I am constantly inspired by the other creative souls I follow on Instagram and hours scrolling through Pinterest can become quite addictive! It makes me want to jump on my computer and create something new! There are so many amazing creative people out there and I love watching their journey and seeing the new things they create. This goes for both ivy invite and my job as an interior designer. Finding inspirational pictures from pinterest to show to a client for an interior design jobs has been such a helpful tool!
    Tell us about your creative process… is there a ritual or process or do you just follow the call when it strikes?

    Yeah I guess I just follow the call…it all depends on my clients and the type of job I am doing, and of course their budget!! Most of my work is done via email for wedding invitations and the small business branding projects I take on. We usually share a pinterest board or I will ask them to send me inspiration pics of the style of their wedding so I can get an idea as to what they envision for their day. This is usually enough for me to get a feel for them and what style of stationery they would like.
    When is the most productive time of the day for you?

    I just had a baby (5 weeks ago) so I find early mornings when he is having a nap are the most productive for getting through emails and designs on my computer. It can be 5.30 in the morning and I am more than happy to get a bit of work done while I can, with a coffee in hand of course!
    Can you share a technique you use for getting your creative juices flowing?

    Coffee!! Usually gets me pretty motivated. Honestly, some projects can be a little hard to start at first as that is the problem… you just don’t know where to start. I find once I have a clear idea of the direction I am heading then starting with a simple task usually gets the juices flowing and then it’s hard to stop! And not trying to figure out the end result straight away… just go with the flow and let the design progress on it’s own.

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    Favourite weapon of craft and why?

    Like I said, most of my design work is done on computer. However over the past few years I have been experimenting with different printing processes and materials. As I am only a small business I have a bunch of incredible suppliers and printers that I rely on and work with to create all the different types of printing goodness! I find my clients are now more willing to try something different and love to make an impact with their wedding stationery. We can achieve this by creating foil pressed invitations, printing on thin wood veneer and laser cut & etched plywood invitations. We also add lots of finishing touches to our invitation sets like swing tags, laser cut plywood (i.e. hearts/ anchors/ arrows), dip dying and gold tipped feathers. I can’t wait to see what material we can experiment with next!

    Where can we find you?

    Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

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