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    I’m generally a person who tries hard to never judge a book by its cover, however in this instance, I must urge you to do exactly that; judge Hello Tokyo by it’s insatiably adorable cover, because what lies between the front and back covers is as delicious as you would expect.


    If you’re unfamiliar with Ebony Bizys, author of this sweet book and long-time Hello Sandwich blogger, then here’s a little bit about her. Ebony used to work for VOGUE Living as their Deputy Art Director, but left to pursue an unknown adventure in Tokyo, Japan. A year later, just after that earthquake, her VOGUE Living Editor rang to offer Ebony the Art Director’s role, but crazily she turned it down to stay in Tokyo. Fast forward a few years later and Ebony’s take-a-chance attitude has paid off with multiple books + zines on crafts as well as Tokyo guides, collaborations with the likes of Martha Stewart Crafts, MT (the well known washi tape brand), Romance was Born and workshops aplenty. It’s pretty much a crafters’ dream to get paid for making things and Ebony is doing it, extremely well.

    hello tokyo book ebony bizys

    Tokyo is on my list of places to visit; right up the very top in the number one slot actually. What you’ll find in Hello Tokyo is that Ebony has done a splendid job of transporting you right there through her insight into her daily life including the beauty of the changing seasons accompanied by their festivals, the sprinkles of colour which the Japanese people incorporate into their world and the occasional Japanese translation thrown in for good measure.

    Japanese apartments are notoriously compact so you’ll generally find that stores (like Daiso) are filled with truly clever space-saving ideas. Ebony has used this concept to fill the book with many clever storage and DIY craft projects which aren’t short on colour to adorn any space (big or small) within your home / office / studio.

    hello tokyo book ebony bizys

    You’ll be inspired by Ebony’s dreamy picnic ideas, ways to style your home, travel tips, accessories, custom stationery, soft furnishings, party decorations and just about anything you can think of to add a dash of Tokyo style to your life – and those lucky enough to be your friends and family.

    Using a clever combination of acquired, thrifted and purchased supplies, Hello Tokyo gives you the know-how to not only recreate all of the projects at home, but also the inspiration to build upon and create your own projects. It’s hard to not want to just play with craft supplies all day with this beautiful book within reach.

    hello tokyo book ebony bizys

    This, my friends, is one of those gems you’ll want to add to your craft library. Stat.

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