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    Here at Unleash Creative we’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Frankie and Swiss on a variety workshops and events. As a result, they were a natural fit for our upcoming workshop Collaborative Embroidery – Working with Digitally Printed Fabric.

    We recently had a quick chat with Jacqui, one of the two sister’s behind the inspirational Melbourne based fabric printing studio, Frankie and Swiss. Collaborating with the likes of Belinda Marshall, Megan Hess, Laura Blythman, Kelly Smith and Dawn Tan, this fabric studio is sure pulling in the creative muscle when it comes to the collaboration department.

    Tell us a little about you and your work

    I’m Jacqui and I’m the owner of, boutique textile printing and design studio, Frankie and Swiss. Frankie and Swiss is based in Melbourne. We custom print designs onto natural fibre fabrics with the help of our 2 tonne digital textile printer. Her name is Florence.

    How did you get started? 

    My Sister and I started a little sewing circle when we had our babies. One day we found a vintage chocolate advertisement that we thought would look amazing sewn onto the front of an apron we were making. So we paper backed some fabric and printed it at home on the inkjet paper printer….it looked pretty awesome!

    We were very excited by this idea and said to each other “this is great, but how can we make it bigger?!!” So we started our research into the sometimes intimidating world of wide format digital printers. Five years later and with the fears of any business start-ups firmly behind us, I can now say that it’s been an incredible journey!

    What has been your proudest creative accomplishment?

    I decided to reupholster a mid-century chair for my brothers 30th birthday present. I had the chair and the vintage Swiss Army blankets in which I intended to reupholster with, all I needed then was the skill and techniques to do it! It was a huge undertaking considering I’d never done anything like it before, so I took myself off to a mini upholstery course and learnt a smidge of the trade, just enough to pull it off!

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    What does creativity mean to you?

    …for me, a chance to infuse some personality into an object, create or recreate something so that it has a whole new life.

    Is there a creative skill you would personally like to master?

    I would love to try Macramé. One of these days…

    Tea or coffee?


    Where do you turn for inspiration?

    Instagram is a big one for me, but I’d also say that our clients definitely offer us our daily dose of inspiration. We’re so lucky to be a part of everyone else’s creative journey.

    Favourite weapon of craft and why?

    Fabric!!! We have a wonderful time here dreaming up all the new and exciting applications of digitally printed fabric. The sky is the limit! At the moment we are experimenting with stone and enzyme washing the fabric to deconstruct the print a bit.

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    Where else can we find you?

    website | instagram | facebook | pinterest

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