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    creative spotlight_denise of becolorand

    Can you tell us a little about you and your work?

    I’m Denise Beckand, I live in the south of the Netherlands together with my husband. I love to talk about colors and making colorful things, that’s me in one sentence!!  A colorful house decorated with antique and vintage stuff, things with a story and  history, another passion of mine.

    How did you get started?

    According to my mother as a small child I was always making things. I loved to watch old Hollywood movies and made drawings of the actresses and their beautiful dresses. My big dream was becoming a fashion designer. In my teenage years I got my first sewing machine. I had no sewing lessons but learned while trying and made my own clothes. After high school I studied Textiles Art but after my study the love for textiles and fashion stopped. After a study color advisor, a few years ago, it all came back. A continuous flow of creativity. And this time it’s not textile or fashion, I’m in love with paper and all of it’s possibilities.

    What has been your proudest creative accomplishment?

    There is not one thing, I’m happy with the overall growth I see in my work. It’s not always easy to work alone; you’re a student and teacher at the same time, there is no one else looking over your shoulder and guiding you. Therefore I’m happy and proud of where I am right now!


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    What does creativity mean to you? 

    For me it’s like breathing…. It’s a way of living, it has brought me a lot of happiness! It feels like personal growth: working on my own things and enjoying work from other creative people. It broadens your mind; enriches you as a human.

    Is there a creative skill you would personally like to master?

    I really would love to master paper cutting. Working with an fine knife/scissors, I find it a very difficult technique. Maybe with some good tips I can learn it and one day make beautiful paper art like Geertje Aalders

    Tea or coffee?

    Tea and coffee, it all depends on the moment of the day! My day always starts with a big mug of coffee  and during the day I drink Earl Grey tea with some lemon or mint tea.

    Who is your biggest creative crush?

    Oh, a difficult choice, there are so many inspiring people… But I’m a huge fan of all the work of Brittany Watson Jespen from The House that Lars Built. Her creativity and enthusiasm inspire me and she’s also an incredibly nice woman!

    What inspires you?

    All kinds of  things: visiting a museum, going on bike rides or taking walks through nature. My head becomes empty as if  then there is room for new ideas. I like to be on Pinterest, for the beautiful pictures, discovering blogs and reading about the lives of people.

    Tell us about your creative process… is there a ritual or process or do you just follow the call when it strikes?

    Nothing extraordinary. I make some sketches, sometimes I make a model in paper but often I get a clear idea and I try to make it at once.

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    When is the most creative/productive time of the day for you?

    Most of the ideas come at night, when I’m lying in bed…not very good for my night rest!! The making of those ideas I try to postpone till the next morning. I’m very impatient and have to force myself to stay in bed and get some sleep. This often results in a restless night with dreams about the new ideas.

    Can you share a technique you use for getting your creative juices flowing?

    Ahhhh relaxing. I sometimes have the urge to create but it does not always work that way. Sometimes it’s better to close the door of your workspace (and head). Try to relax, cook a nice dinner, watch some movies, the next day there is new inspiration – believe me!

    Favourite weapon of craft and why?

    Paper and scissors, my two biggest friends!  I really enjoy the magic of the two dimensional sheet of paper that comes to life in my hands.

    Where else can we find you?

    Website: www.becolorand.nl

    Twitter: BeColorAnd

    Instagram: Becolorand

    Facebook: Denise.Beckand

    Thanks so much to Denise for taking the time to chat to us. We love learning about the rituals and inspiration of our fellow creative folk and we hope you do too.

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