• creative challenge: illustrated initial

    illustrated initial


    The art of hand-drawn lettering (as opposed to typography which refers to printed typeset rather than hand-drawn decorative letters) is trending all over the world and it’s easy to see why. Allowing shapes to form a recognisable letter of the alphabet is a creative way to inject a little picture-worth-a-thousand-words into a letter or even an entire word.

    So for this weeks’ creative challenge we’re throwing down the task of creating your very own illustrated, decorative letter. It can be the initial of your first name or surname or if you’re super keen it can be an entire word!

    As with all of our challenges the rules are quite loose. You pick your medium (pencil, pen, paint, paper etc) and your own theme. You can fill in the entire letter using a pencil-drawn block letter as a guide for perimeter and containment of your illustration, or you can use a pencil line as a guide to create a drawing resembling the shape of your chosen letter. You can add colour or leave it black and white. You can line-draw, sketch, use texture or a series of mini illustrations of pictures starting with your chosen letter of the alphabet. Go nuts.

    And if you’re brave, share your creation with us via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the #uccreativechallenge hashtag. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy the process.

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