• creative challenge: be brave and colour outside the lines

    creative challenge header unleash creativeOne of the most difficult thing to do as an adult is to push fears of imperfection to the side and let creativity shine for all its wonderful and imperfect glory. When we are little, there is no wrong when it comes to drawing, colouring, cutting, pasting and generally making. But somehow as our brains develop over the years we become more conscious of what makes our work perfect and the unwanted potential for criticism. So we conform.

    Well you wanna know what I say to that?

    Screw that with a big fat scribbly ‘S’.

    Embrace the imperfect. Say hallelujah to your mistakes. High five to your own take on how it should be. Make it your own and OWN IT.

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    So in keeping with this mentality, today’s creative challenge is to be BRAVE and colour OUTSIDE the lines despite what your brain tells you. Be Brave. Be a kid again and just free-ball the hell outta our colouring in page with whatever colouring implement you choose or, if you’re feeling super brave, a combination of various colouring implements and clashing colours.  Just don’t show your Nanna.

    Then the real test will be to see if you’re brave enough to share your finished masterpiece with the world using the #uccreativechallenge hashtag.

    Remember. BRAVE.

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