• colour crush: tangerine

    There have been many studies carried out on colours which has lead to an understanding that colours have the power to evoke emotions and impact our moods greatly. As creativity strikes, we often ponder which colours to use in our work. Which ones will compliment each other, evoke the right emotions, speak to our heads and hearts.

    In today’s colour crush feature we’re looking at the colour tangerine or it’s better known sibling, orange. Tangerine translates into fun, playful, child-like, happy, energetic, exciting, adventurous and modern and is a secondary colour (which means it’s made up of other primary colours).  You’ll also find tangerine in the top ten list of pantone colours for Spring 2015. Timely for us here in Australia as we head into Autumn (or “Fall” for our friends across the sea).

    So take a look at the power of tangerine in our colour crush mood board and put a little fun into your next creative project.

    colour crush

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