Think of us as your crafting bestie. We know a lot of stuff about being creative. We put that knowledge to good use through a range of creative projects both offline (workshops) and online (tutorials).

Sometimes we work solo. Sometimes we work as part of a collaborative effort. Sometimes we work for other people and brands. Essentially, we try to spread our skills across as many creative facets as humanly possible; just to keep things interesting.


Unleash Creative kicked off in 2014 with a crafty roadshow which visited Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as appearing at Finders Keepers markets, being part of Victoria’s Craft Cubed Festival and offering some crafty skills at Melbourne’s Spring Fashion Week.

Subsequently, through the power of social media, we realised that Unleash Creative needed to become more accessible to the wider online community. It’s an incredible feeling to bring together so many creatives at our workshops and events, however we want to be able to empower more people near and far, so as well as continuing to present our range of events + workshops, we continue to develop our online content to bring you DIY tutorials, inspiring content and creative spotlights.


photo credit: Peppermint Photography

credit: Peppermint Photography

Unleash Creative is the inception of Brisbane-based marketer, crafter and blogger Magdalena Franco.

With over 13 years of experience in marketing, PR and event management, Magdalena saw an opportunity in the market to deliver creative skills to audiences around in Australia in a vibrant, energetic and colourful surrounding – it’s just like all the pretty things we pin on Pinterest come to life.

“Being both a crafter and marketer has provided me with an in-depth understanding of what is clearly lacking in the creative market. You can learn how to sew, knit or crochet somewhere locally, irrelevant of where you are. But there’s not really many places that offer those left-of-centre craft skills such as papel picado (Mexican paper cutting) or ways to reuse or repurpose things otherwise destined for garbage all in the one place, on the one day, with networking and real life socialising”, says Magdalena.

“it’s just like all the pretty things we pin on Pinterest come to life”

“Craft and creativity are powerful tools to relieve stress and pressure of the otherwise hectic lives which most of us lead. It allows us to disconnect and unplug from external noise, relax and use a different part of our brains. It’s a simple therapeutic tool that anyone can employ to enrich their life”, boasts Magdalena to anyone who’s willing to listen.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Magdalena, you can read her interviews with Creative Women’s CircleBusiness Boss and Child Mags.