• 7 ideas to show off your iron-on patches

    7 ideas for using your patches

    You’ve been collecting those iron-on embroidered patches that seem to be such a massive trend item right now and you’re starting to wonder what on earth you’re going to do with them all. I have a small collection going myself (it’s for the kids, I swear) and so I started thinking about fun ways of displaying and using them.

    So I’ve wrapped up a sweet little compilation of 7 creative ideas to show off your patches and get them on display.

    mend ripped jeans patches

    1. mend ripped jeans – OK, so I know that torn jeans are “in”, but if the holes are in odd spots or getting too big, you could attach a few in the immediate vicinity. Hey presto, cool again.

    jacket embellished with patches

    2. jacket – probably the most obvious and recognisable item of clothing embellished with patches – but the options are endless really. And then your boring 90’s Levi’s jacket can have a new lease on life.

    cushion embellished with iron-on patches

    3. cushion – make your couch or armchair sing with a cushion covered in your favourite embroidered bling


    4. blanket – kind of like the scouts camp blankets, but much less nerdy, you can just add a few to one corner of your blanket for just the right amount of cozy dazzle dazzle. Admittedly I had a lot of trouble sourcing an image that was not Scouts-related. So obviously it hasn’t been done yet. Or no one has bothered to photograph their own non-Scouts / Girl Guides/ Brownies blanket creation.


    5. bag – a couple, a few, maybe some more. Grab a plain old bag and turn it into something fun with the addition of some of your sweetest patches.


    6. jumper / sweater / pullover – turn a boring jumper into something you’ll be proud to wear


    7. shoes – get out your converse or canvas shoes and slap those patches on.

    And as an added bonus, I’ve found some fun / interesting / different patches online in case you’re looking to start or add to your collection…

    pick favourite patches

    1. High Five
    2. Food Fight
    3. Camera Crew
    4. ‘Pop’
    5. Ghostbusters
    6. Floppy disk
    7. Rainbow

    Image credits: For links to the images featured in the above examples, you can find them all on my Pinterest board

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