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    I think most of you are familiar with beauty boxes, fancy food and meal deliveries, mixed cartons of wine and of course the humble magazine subscription. But what if that’s not really what you’re into? What if you’re after something a little more creative and crafty? We’ve sussed out 3 phenomenal subscription services catering to the creative soul – yes, you.


    blank goods goodie box subscription

    BLANK Goods
    If you’ve already shook hands with Blank Goods, then you obviously know where the DIY party’s at, but if you haven’t yet been acquainted, then I’m terribly pleased to introduce you.

    Australian-based Blank Goods stock a great range of, well, blank goods. They are the go-to place for all of your customisable blank stationery, party, DIY and gift-wrap products which include coloured sticker shapes, gift tags, packaging for your home-baked goods, wooden products and washi tape along with some fun seasonal products. Just to name a few things.

    I was pretty excited to recently hear about their new Goodie Boxes of themed crafty supplies and inspiration which get delivered to your door.

    You will receive a surprise box (because surprises are more fun!) of special supplies for gift wrapping, paper craft and fun DIY projects. Your Goodie Box will always contain well designed, hard to find supplies as well as products that are unique to Blank Goods. They’ll also include products that are exclusive to just their Goodie Boxes!

    Best of all, your Goodie Box includes a fold out poster of ‘ideas & inspiration’ to show awesome projects and ways to use your supplies – perfect for creative-crafty-stationery-packaging lovers from 12yrs to adult. Whether you’re giving a gift or feeding your paper and craft supply addiction, we know you’ll love their Goodie Boxes!

    They’re currently taking pre-orders for their very first box (chock full of surprise goodies themed “naturally”) with shipping due to take place on October 23rd.

    But like all good things, these hot little boxes of goodness are limited, so if you’re keen to get your mitts on one (or a few), we suggest you scurry on over and pop your name on that list.

    Frequency + Cost

    One-Off Purchase  – $40 + shipping
    Monthly Subscription  – $35 + shipping (per month)
    3 Month Subscription  – $35 + free shipping (per month)
    6 Month Subscription – $32 + free shipping (per month)


    pipsticks sticker subscription unleash creative


    Did you have a sticker collection when you were a kid? If you’re lucky you might still proudly possess a few of them. I recently found my old sticker collection and took a big trip down memory lane. Some of them still even have their original sticky backs. Some have gone to heaven. And some were nabbed by small hands.

    Scratch n Sniff’s. Fuzzies. Holographic. Metallic. Puffy. Glow in the dark. Sparkly. Boy did I treasure my stickers. Not a lot has changed over the years and after finding my old collection (stored loosely in a small plastic food container) I have loving slipped them between the safety of the clear plastic sleeves of an A6 sized photo album, along with some newies I’ve collected recently. Easy to see, store and access.

    So you can imagine my excitement when I found out about Pipsticks, a STICKER subscription. You guys! Stickers! An impressive pack of assorted stickers get delivered to your door ready to be admired, cherished and maybe even used. Maybe.

    Pipsticks launched less than a year ago. It was created by a mother and sticker-lover to inspire and thrill sticker lovers everywhere. Pipsticks source stickers from manufacturers all over the world in order to give sticker club members a gorgeously packaged, affordable and impressive stash of stickers when they need them (because really, who doesn’t need them).

    The folks over at Pipsticks have kindly given us a code to share with you guys which will entitle you to 15% off your order. Just enter the code CREATIVE15 at the checkout.

    Frequency + Cost

    Monthly, six-month and one year subscriptions are available in a range of options including:

    Kids Club  – starts at $15* / month
    Family Club – starts at $35* / month
    Pro Club – starts at $15* / month
    *Shipping is free within the US or an additional $3 for international orders

    Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.55.35 pm

    Lucky Dip Club

    Another concept which we as kids used to go nuts over. A lucky dip. The lure of a mystery surprise something-or-other at the price of a little more than a bag of lollies. What will it be? Will you love it? Will you already have one? It was like toy roulette. And all you had to do was pick from the ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ tub. Oh the anticipation as you ripped open the paper wrapping.

    So fast forward some decades and up the sophistication level by about 10 and you have yourself a box of carefully curated and custom goodness care of Lucky Dip Club. “Personalised packages filled with surprises” is their byline and it quite perfectly sums up what to expect.

    Package themes are strategically announced in the lead-up to the monthly, themed and carefully curated boxes going on sale – At 7am, on the 1st of each month, a box with a new theme launches and the monthly allocation is currently only taking 5 hours to sell out so you have to be quick! At the end of the month, you receive an exciting mix of goodies which could include handmade jewellery, homewares, fun stationery, pretty paper goods and easy peasy DIY craft kits. The best part? One item will be personalised especially for you making Lucky Dip Club one of the uniquest subscription boxes on the market today!

    Frequency + Cost

    One-off box – £20


    Monthly box – £18

    Currently, Lucky Dip is only available to residents of the UK*


    *Did you see one that takes your fancy, but you’re not in a country they ship to? Why not use a package forwarding company such as Ship To or UK Address to enable local shopping.

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